Bulletproof websites

Ultrastatix builds, maintains, and hosts static websitesbulletproof websites unaffected by malicious designs of hackers, exempt from sluggishness associated with inappropriately complex software, far above the commotion of their dynamic cousins, and with minimal maintenance requirements. An Ultrastatix site is unhackable, lightning fast, eminently stable, and completely worry free. Contact us to learn more about how Ultrastatix can improve your online presence and peace of mind with such a site.


The focus of Ultrastatix reflects its immense respect for substantive content on the web and recognition that technologies for dynamic sites are inappropriate for primarily content-oriented sites. Ultrastatix was formed partially in response to years spent building and maintaining dynamic “web applications” that were actually relatively simple content-oriented websites. The sites worked, for the most part, but they would have worked much better as static sites.

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Ultrastatix’s core services are the creation, hosting, and maintenance of static websites. Emphasis is on simple but elegant design. Content can be imported from other systems or written from scratch, by you or Ultrastatix. Sites are built from the ground up with an eye to search engine consumption and ranking: their code is streamlined, images and other assets are optimized, and accessibility is assured.

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