Ultrastatix’s core services are the creation, hosting, and maintenance of static websites. Emphasis is on simple but elegant design, often based on an existing template to keep costs down. Content can be imported from other systems or written from scratch, by you or Ultrastatix. Hosting is in so-called “buckets”—highly available, resiliant, and performant forms of simple file storage—rather than on traditional web servers. Sites are built from the ground up with an eye to search engine consumption and ranking: their code is streamlined, images and other assets are optimized, and accessibility is assured.

Website development

If the purpose of your website is primarily to provide content and a contact form, Ultrastatix can migrate your existing content to a static site for a one-time fee based on the amount and complexity of the content. If you do not currently have a website, Ultrastatix can also help generate content. The design will be a template that is customized to incorporate the colors of your choice as well as your logo. More elaborate custom designs are possible, but would affect price significantly and are not recommended. Going forward, content update requests can be emailed to Ultrastatix, who will make the changes to the live site at an hourly rate. With a standard setup, Ultrastatix will have exclusive access to the site itself in order to maximize security. More sophisticated setups are possible that allow for direct access to content.


Ultrastatix hosts its static sites in what are often referred to as “buckets” and which you may have heard of as Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). Ultrastatix does not use Amazon services, but the technology is identical. The vast majority of websites are hosted on a traditional web server, which is basically just a computer, either physical or virtual, connected to the internet. Such a computer is not unlike a normal desktop computer: it requires regular software updates, can be hacked if not well maintained, and can crash, taking its precious website cargo with it. Because static sites need neither scripting nor databases, they don’t need this kind of server. They consist of simple files made available in buckets. The buckets are replicated and kept in sync so that if for some reason one is unavailable visitors are promptly routed to another. There is no better way to distribute web content in terms of speed, stability, and security.

Content creation

Ultrastatix can help you plan and generate content, including text, imagery, and video. In fact, Ultrastatix loves content. We use static site technology exclusively because it lends itself to a content-centric approach. We can be involved in your content production and maintenance as much or as little as you like. We can generate content based on information you provide, edit and proofread finished content, or remain hands off. Any content work is billed at an hourly rate.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is of considerable interest to anyone who wants to boost their website’s traffic, and with good reason. Ultrastatix can help with SEO directly by significantly improving the site’s performance and code optimization. Beyond that, Ultrastatix will refer you to trusted SEO specialists, who will likely work with us to optimize content, layout, and code for search engine consumption.